25 February 2015

Secrets of San Antone, Part 2: The Tiny Finch at Pearl Brewery

Pearl Brewery was one of the first spots in San Antonio which gave me hints of life.

Previous to that, blinded by culture shock and Christmas' cocoon, we'd travelled back and forth between my madre-in-law's cosy abode to the usual box stores one finds in most cities. The soul of the place lay dormant, as did I.

Post Christmas we moved into a neighbourhood filled with character, unpacked our bags, and, armed with xmas gift yoga passes to Synergy studios, began cautiously spreading our wings.

Our Yoga yearnings brought us to Pearl Brewery, an area cleverly converted but still somewhat under construction. Condos line the skyline with polite height and a cosy community of entrepreneurial endeavours have laid their seeds below. It resembles, in some ways, hipsterville anywhere, complete with bike shop, cafes and kale caterings, but despite 'the usual' recipe, neither pretentiousness, nor beards prevail. The scent of what's to come is fragrant in the air and its sweet aroma has a positive affect on those who dwell there. 

On Saturdays a farmer's market pops up filling the area with smiling shoppers. The festive feeling is made complete with live music, barefoot giggling children and the wagging tails of happy hounds.

It is within this square that The Tiny Finch is situated, right next to the Local Coffee and a stone's throw away from Bakery Lorraine

It's the type of bricks and mortar shop I'd like to have if I could learn to stay put for long enough. Courtney, who owns the beautiful boutique and curates its collections, has the immaculate taste of a world traveller; combining textiles, accessories, home wear and art pieces to create a museum of marvels. 

I managed to muster up the courage to ask this awesome aesthete if she'd be interested in carrying my clutches and low and behold she agreed (much to my giddy glee) making it my first stockist in the United States EVER, one I'm super honoured to be a part of and one which sits in a part of the city I feel the most affinity to. Win, Win.

24 February 2015

B's For Bardot

B's For Bardot

Bodacious Babe
Benevolent Brilliance

Blossoming Boldly
Bubbling Brightly

Backing Beasts
Battling Bigotry

Blessed Beauty
Benignly Bailed

Betrothed By Blissciplines Bygone

words: Holly Rose
photography: Shane Woodward
art: Holly Rose & Shane Woodward
ethical tee: $35 / £25 Leotie Lovely 

20 February 2015

AirBNB Gypsies: From Paris With Love

An extended Indian summer blessed us with warmth beyond the boarders of Autumn's habitual orders. With the eagerness of worn winter wanderers we huddled beneath, igniting ourselves within the safety and comfort of the sweet serene scenes which swaddled us in a cosy cocoon, gestating gently toward new beginnings.

Eight stories high in the sunlit sky we nested neatly, eyes kissed by the cool grey rooftops which pave its harmonious horizon. Embracing the city's magic with open doors and open arms, the heavens danced beyond the shell of our tender treehouse with a resuscitating watercolour of wonderment and light.

The beauty of the souls sailing beneath us twinkled tenderly like the heartbeat of a lighthouse clear beyond the forming fog. Capturing us like fireflies fluttering fancifully amongst twilight's bewitching haze.

Sunrise to sunset we frolicked freely, foraging friends, food and fun faithfully, gluttonously grateful and merciful to memories until the the hands of time collided with the cadence of castanets, coyly catapulting us forth and away.

Words: Holly Rose
Photos: Shane Woodward
AirBNB Flat + Final 2 Images: Alex

11 February 2015

Secrets of San Antone Part 1: Purple Haze

Slowly discovering San Antonio's secrets. The sly summer sun dresses everyone in slow smiles, this discretely magical place unveils itself slowly, it wants to be discovered not devoured.

Layer upon layer is revealed, depth hidden behind tradition. In the shadows of abandoned cars, the sparkle of wisdom's eyes, radiated from hearts which shine through the shadows strewn behind heat packing pockets.

Simplicity and community are key here, ask and it shall be given, shine and supportive waves will wash over you, goldfish grow grandly with room to stretch and explore, courage not competition.

Family expands beyond blood, language expands beyond words, old values aid new growth breathing new breath into the beyond.

x Holly

words/model: Holly Rose
photography: Shane Woodward
clutch: Leotie Lovely
boots: Ralph Lauren

9 February 2015



Corner Chic
Catty Clique
Cold Callous Cackles
Corrupt Cacti Crackles

Colourless Calves
Cowboy Clad
Contentious Capabilities
Cast Catchphrases Candidly

Catcalls Crawl
Cowards Call
Coerced Conversion
Confidently Concurring

Candid Candor
Cools Campaign Canter
Conscious Crusades Correspondingly
Curbing Confrontation, Cordially


words & photo copyright: Holly Rose

23 January 2015

[DIY Clutch Display] Pallet Power

Last weekend my guy and I signed up for a market stall down here in Texas. It was the first time either of us had done one and we got pretty pumped gearing up for it, finalising our products and displays.

We'd spotted some pallets in a pile outside a gas station near our house and carried them home two-by-two like the piston rods of an old steam train. They were dirty as sin, but after a quick scrub, the wood beneath revealed itself, and the hot Texan sun dried them in minutes, readying them for transformation.

I'd bought chalk board markers thinking I'd be able to get what I wanted on there with ease, but they were too thick and didn't come in enough colours so I switched to acrylic paint for polite precision.

I'd planned on painting both sides with text, but ended up using some push pins for the remaining 'curtain' as I needed more space for bags. In hindsight I wish I would have separated the left side text in two to create more space but I'm far too lazy too ... but here's your how to:

What You Need
- Pallet
- Chalk Board Paint
- Acrylic Paint 
- Paint Brushes

How To
ONE Clean your pallet 

TWO Paint the pallet 'curtains' the colour of your choice

THREE Use a pencil to draw on your design

FOUR Paint your design 
FIVE Set up your stall

13 January 2015

[Crush On Things] Threads 4 Thought Sustainable Apparel

My guy bought me some bad ass yoga pants for Christmas which have been featured frequently as my staple apparel over the last few weeks as we casually convinced our baguette filled butts to get going within the cosy walls of San Antonio's loveliest studio, Southtown Yoga ... or lying around in bed on laundry day.

To top off their mermaid-ish marvellousness, these tantalising tights are made from 100% recycled materials (recycled polyester from waterbottles) and come from lifestyle brand Threads 4 Thought, a site offering sustainable apparel.

The company is committed to ethical production as well. With water being the key component used in manufacturing and dying clothing, they source many of their products through a city in China called Weihai which has one of the most advanced water recycling programs in the world, with 82% of all the water used throughout the city being purified, recycled and reused again (in the western world the best we've done is 20%).

The workers who produce the clothing are paid a fair wage and work 40hr weeks in a safe, clean environment. The clothing is produced with Organic Cotton and/or recycled polyester, which is made from recycled waterbottles. 

Finally, with each $100 purchase, 10% is donated to the New Roots Campaign which helps refugees who have been granted sanctuary in the United States, many of whom come from agrarian backgrounds, rebuild their lives using skills already learned.  

Brings a whole new meaning to a sweet stretch.

x Holly