15 April 2014

Tuesdays Tune: Wooden Arms - December

It's so beautiful outside, I won't write much, I'll just suggest you go for a frolic in the sun and listen to this Wooden Arms tune while you do it. Quite possibly the most beautiful mesmerising piece of music I've heard this year …

25 March 2014

Tuesday's Tune: FAUVE BLIZZARD

So, in an effort to battle the grey skies of London, thought we’d kick shit up a notch this week and break up the folk with some French. I only understand about 58% of the words (my French app informs me that’s exactly how much French I know) but make up the remaining 42% through an obscure game of solo charades – as I do with most things.

Fauve (meaning wild beast, alluding to the violence of colours) is a popular French band with an indie rock sound mixed with poetic rapish vocals and the odd sung backing vocal. They were offered recording contracts from almost every major label and most independents and refused them all.

I’ve got about 10 favourites but Blizzard takes the cake – so here ya go:

20 March 2014

Thursday's Thoughts: Alan Watts

Whenever you're cleaning our room, or laying unable to sleep in your bed, or feel like being inspired, Alan Watts is a good person to fill your ears with. Youtube is full of his seminars and pinterest is full of his quotes. I can't say I agree with every word he utters, but it's good to have opinions I'm told

Here's my favourite for the moment:

19 March 2014

Wednesday's Words: Sleep

A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything - Irish Proverb

25 February 2014

Tuesday's Tune: Khushi Magpie

I'm a Sofar Sounds addict, I'll attend to any show they'll let me into, because I know, each time I go, I'll
find a band I love.

My most recent Sofar Sounds session introduced my guy and I to London based band, Khushi.

Following the live show we traipsed down to Paris and locked ourselves away for a weekend with a few EPs and a vintage Serbian record player … and I fell in love with Magpie … amongst other things

They're launching their EP, Phantoms, on March 6th, if you like parties and good music, I recommend trundling on over or let your ears stalk them here:

20 February 2014

Threeway Thursdays: In The Blue

Because three is the magic number and hashtaggable alliterations are my favourite, I’ve decided to declare Thursdays: #ThreewayThursdays – you may adapt this hashtag as you see fit and do with it what you may.

For me, this week’s threesome is made up of three Leotie Lovely pieces:
(handcrafted and designed by my friend, and London based jeweler, Jimmy Elie-Murray)

11 February 2014

Tuesday's Tune: Wye Oak - Civilian

One of them songs you can keep on repeat for days and not get sick of, this acoustic version of Wye Oak's Civilian is my fav, just a bit of dreamy folky loveliness

They'll be in London to play at The Lexington on March 20th, otherwise, you can always find most people some of the time here: