15 September 2014

Romping Around: Gypsy Queen

CLUTCH: Leotie Lovely - PLAYSUIT: Spell Byron Bay - BOOTS: Ash - FLOWER CROWN: DIY here

This month marks the second month on the move as my guy and I, having given up our shoebox abodes in London and Paris, Airbnb our butts around Europe like caravan-less gypsy's in an attempt to complete the post production of our short film.

For the editing phase, we're living in magnificent Madrid, getting a glimpse of the sweet summer we missed between work bound lock downs indoors.

I could embark on a dreamy dictation of all the magic Madrid holds, but I'll begin with just the simplest of salutations to the walls, doors and buildings, painted all the colours of the wind, which greet us each day as we emerge from our modest flat sniffing for coffee and carbs.

I'm lucky as a leprechaun my partner in crime's milkshake of professions includes photography, which means some days he'll capture pictures of our prancing.

We came across one of Madrid's elusive flower shops the other day, located across the street from this gorgeous green wall which just happened to be painted the exact colour of the beautiful Gypsy Queen Romper by Spell Byron Bay I bought from lovely Frankie at The Native State around summer's solstice.

I was in the midst of designing my clutches when I purchased this floral frenzied frock and, inspired by Spell's pretty playsuit, combined a piece of driftwood I had found on the beach in Morocco with a hand died one-of-a-kind upcycled piece I'd made earlier on to create this ONE-OF-A-KIND GYPSY QUEEN CLUTCH named after the romper it was inspired by.

What I'm Wearing
PLAYSUIT: Spell Byron Bay


17 July 2014


I have another project, completely unrelated to the clutches and eco friendly fashion in general, which my partner and I are desperately trying to raise money for.

Last fall I met a dank Texan grit in Paris and we shared the most magical, romantic, universe winking weekend – a few weeks later we travelled to Madrid and filmed a screenplay he and I had written in the weeks the followed our Parisian Preamble. It too turned into a magical Love story. http://igg.me/at/churrofilm

We’re in the last few weeks of our CROWD FUNDING campaign on INDIEGOGO to raise money for the post production of the film (editor, colourist, composer, sound engineer, film festival entry fees and pr)

We've created PHILANTHROPIC PERKS for each of the levels of giving to ensure your donation will DO GOOD TWICE (Stuff like this: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=1504806206400232&set=vb.1501828953364624&type=2&theater ) 

Lots of €10-€25 DONATIONS will get us to our goal. So no need to stretch yourself thin financially with hefty contributions. We just appreciate so much any help you can give! http://igg.me/at/churrofilm

Thank you to everyone who has shared and/or donated to our project thus far, it means a lot to us and we are so very grateful for all the support we receive!

The project can be found here: http://igg.me/at/churrofilm
Facebook is here: https://www.facebook.com/churrofilm
Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/churrofilm

Hope you are all having a love and laughter filled day!


Xo Holly (and Shane)

(Pic above from our first date!)

10 July 2014

Thankful Thursday: Kristina Dimitrova

There are so many talented wonderful people in the world to celebrate, many balancing full time jobs alongside their artistic expression. I admire so many people for so many things and always feel lit up to see others flourishing in well deserved success as they conduct the 'business' side of their expression with love and grace.

From bloggers and press, to artists and jewellery designers I've been so lucky to be met with such positivity and support in what has been a beautiful exchange of energy.

Last year my artist friend Kristina who runs Dimi Gallery and I collaborated to create a limited edition Halo print (http://bit.ly/1mJgg62) which raised nearly $1,000 (http://instagram.com/p/iUBMWIH6Fu/?modal=true) for Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Prairies/NWT. It added a new layer to my and Kristina's personal friendship, created cosy connections with those that purchased or shared the art, and provided us with a sense of positive achievement working together philanthropically.

As a token of our friendship and expression of her art, Kristina just sent me this beautiful hand painted version of the Leotie Lovely logo, originally designed by another talented artistic friend, Kristin McPherson (https://www.behance.net/kristinmcpherson).

I can't express enough how happy and lucky I feel in this moment to have such beautiful connections.

Big Thank you and Big Hug to everyone who has shared their talents with me and supported this little project in one way or another.

I'm so very very grateful.

xo Holly Rose (Leotie Lovely)

9 July 2014

Wednesday's Words: Belle of the Blue

[Belle of the Blue] 

dressed ever so delicately 
she blushed blue with humility 
amongst her beloved ones 
dancing in the purple haze 

strengthened by constancy 
she smiled joyfully 
laughed spontaneously 

serenely self assured 
wondrously wild 
finally free

words: Holly Rose
image: Annie Forest

7 July 2014

Kilim Frolic: The Garden Of England

My papa lives in the English countryside cosily coddled inside an Oast House in the middle of Kent, also known as The Garden of England.

His place is quite fittingly called 'Owl's Court' and on both the shared grounds and the surrounding areas, nature's seasons make themselves known through their constantly changing calendar of blossoming foliage.

On my latest escape from London to my dad's, I brought along one of my oldest friends, Annie, a fellow Canadian and red headed babe who took these lovely pics of our mad frolic through the bluebells wearing my staple stampers, the fair trade Moroccan Kilim boots.

If you're ever in England or London for that matter, be sure you head down for an escape from the city - everywhere is beautiful so you really can't go wrong!

** All Pics By Annie Forest **

3 June 2014

Item Of The Week: Flowin' Flower Clutch

The sun is shining, the weather outside is sweet and as the days of drab skies fade the dull winter colours which suited our sunless skin must be tucked away for a later day. For YEARS I've been eyeing up Novella Royale trousers, but my inherent cheapness kept me from biting the bullet and buying, but, as one of my resolutions for this new year was to buy less and buy smarter (either buying ethically or supporting small businesses), my first summer purchase was focused on them.

Coincidentally, a vintage beautiful runner came into my possession not long after I pressed 'purchase' on my Janis Pink Ethnic Floral Bells and as the trousers made their way across the ocean, the runner swiftly repurposed itself into the ONE-OF-A-KIND FLOWIN' FLOWER clutch which just happened to outfit up perfectly with my new belle bells.

What I'm Wearing

1 June 2014

Kilim Kickers

I’ve commited nearly 10 years of my life to American style cowboy boots as an outfit staple for summer stomping – from kickin’ it on the streets of London Town to climbing volcanoes in Bali – I really haven’t found a situation where, when the sun is shining, or the rain is falling, this style of boot doesn’t suit.

That said, late last year I travelled to Morocco, and during what I can only describe as the most romantic trip of my life, I fell in love with another … boot that is, which goes by the name of Kilim and suits all the same purposes with a bit more pizazz.

Last month my boyfriend and I returned to Morocco, this time for the purpose of buying as many Kilim boots as this small business budget could enable.

As ethics in production are important to us, we insisted on visiting the space where the boots are made.

We were told the Kilims used for the boots are handmade traditional pieces purchased second hand after being discarded by locals due to wear and tear. All sections that can be upcycled are used as supplies for the boots. Due to the uniqueness of the handmade Kilims, only a limited number of boots produced will display the same pattern (machine made Kilims can be reproduced endlessly reducing the individuality of each boot).

We bought two Vintage Kilims to make bags with (one pictured beneath the boots above, the other seen here) and we exclusively chose boots made from these handmade Kilims.

Our supplier was kind enough to let us film him explaining the process of creating the boots to share with you.

You will find all the boots we brought back on the website here: http://leotielovely.bigcartel.com/category/footwear